New Zealand Medical Professionals Ltd

Providers of medical malpractice indemnity insurance to medical practitioners and health professionals.

Medical Practitioners’ Indemnity Insurance

The policy covers medical malpractice indemnity, legal and disciplinary defence and loss of earning where you are required to attend any actions or enquires brought against you. There are two policies provided for medical practitioners.

Resident Medical Officers (RMO Scheme): The RMO scheme provides cover for Resident Medical Officers. Please visit the RMO section for more information.

Senior Medical Officers (SMO Scheme): The SMO scheme provides cover for General Practitioners, Consultants or Specialists. Please visit the SMO section for more information.

Health Professionals Insurance Plan: The plan is available to most other health professionals. The policy covers medical malpractice, legal and disciplinary defence costs, loss of earning during hearings or enquires, trade, professional or business equipment. Please visit the Health Professionals section for more information.